Monday, June 15, 2009

June 2009 Sunflower River, Alligators, and a Catalystic Conversion

Above and below are the new residents that have moved in with the flood waters.
They are fascinating to watch,and it also keeps your blood flowing nicely as they can make your heart do double time when they appear a bit too close. They come in all sizes and we have 3 that live in our pond now, the largest is probably 9 feet or more the smallest is around 4 feet long.

Sunflower River Recedes
River Report: The Sunflower River is falling at a rapid pace these days. Here are some photos to give you and idea of how the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, and thanks to man and his river gates it leaves at a swift pace! Notice the drop on the sides of the river, the watermark grows wider every day. The fact is now were are in a drought and need rain for our crops. The extremes in nature seem to have no ending for us here in the Delta.

Catalystic Conversion
Cathy Hegman
acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas panels

The thought behind this piece is one of motion. To me life is motion, happening all the time, creating and breaking down barriers with every move. This motion is the catalyst for the creation of the emotions in our lives. We are searching and exploring every minute of our life. Our moving and interaction refracts, reflects and impacts those around us at all times. Our mind motion never goes into shut down mode even if our physical body sleeps our mind is busy hatching new ideas and thoughts in our dream state.
Motion is something I have mused with most of my artistic career. I have sought new ways to paint it, in many mediums. I believe for me it represents life and the beauty that is in living. The most important aspect to paint, when dealing with motion is the actual perceived movement that the object will take, and freeze it in paint. I like to use this as my beginning design, and it is most often the form of an arc or sweeping shape, which by it's very nature connotates movement. I build my design and integrate my background to this shape of movement. I tend to use more organic shapes such as the arc and circle as they to me; represent our living state of being. I tend to gravitate to the earthy hues in paint but always in mixtures that are not identifiable as a common color hue. I prefer to layer my paints, in a scumbled manner in order to show some of the under layers and keep the harmony in my painting. The design in this one shows the figures in motion and the their motion is creating the circle which represents life.

Catalystic Conversions is a triptych comprised of panels that are 60 x 20 inches each.

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful month of June!

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CMC said...

Whew....happy not to have them in our pond...Love the painting though.

Cathy Hegman said...

Hey Cheryl! Yeah they are not exactly what you would call good neighbors for sure but they are fun to watch!

Thomas Hegman said...

Nice gator shots there! You need to get a pic of the big one!

cornelia edgerton said...

The symmetry is Very Nice!!

Anonymous said...

yup symmetry is very nice...

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